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About Zeus Creative

There is something about being creative that simply gets my adrenaline pumping. Ever since I was a kid in Elementary, Junior High and even High School I always saw myself as being an artist of some kind. I have always been a gifted person when it comes to creating art. Sadly enough after graduating High School my life went spiraling out of control faster than I ever thought possible.

January 29th, 2013 is a day I will never forget as I started my long journey which would be the turning point of my entire life. For the things that continued to stack up, turn to warrants, DUI and assault charge I was sentenced to 23 months at the Utah State Prison. I remember so vividly thinking about the old ratchety prison gate door that closed me into my cell the first day I set foot in. It was the most surreal experience I have ever went through in my entire life. The one thing that went through my head (those of you that know me, you will laugh because you know I’m a momma’s boy) was that my mom couldn’t get me out of this. No bail, No way to write home while under 23 hour a day lockdown, no phone call and no commissary.

I have never in my life felt so alone and every single time I tell that story it sends a chill down my neck. Because that moment, that millisecond was the pivotal part of my entire life. I found myself while serving my 23 months. I re learned how to be sober, I learned how to communicate effectively with some of societies most un empathetic personalities and I even learned how to love art again. I came out of that experience on a mission to do what I want in life and to do it with every ounce of passion possible.

Here we are, Wednesday June 13th, 2018. I have decided to dive into my passion for Creativity 100%. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I will not fail. With one thing in mind when I go out and I shoot with a client... to ‘Create Euphoria’ so that every single time my client looks at my art they can feel my passion for the art that I create.

There is a saying that I told myself during that time and is now tattoo’d on my right rib cage. I hope that if you are experiencing hardship that it will help you.

“Have the Strength to translate Pain into Pleasure, Failure into Success and Dreams into Reality”

-Drew D Holmes

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